Werewolf: Polar Precepts

The Story of Nevermore
By Gerald Burns (session 1)

Session 1: 8-23-15

Discussion of tribes w/ Michael Smith.

Hans Jorgeonson “Deathstrike”: Sept Alpha, Athro, Eldest Ahroun, Get of Fenris 6×6 biker man
Bloodpaw: Red Talon Pure breed 4
Danny: Fianna, Eldest Galliard, Kilt wearing and Beer carrying. Broadsword. Looks like Raithe.

Michael Smith (Formerly MORNINGKILL!!!): Alpha Fostern Child of Gaia Philodox, Denfather Kinda looks like Todd.
Tina Wilson: “Crosses the Streams”: Fostern Glasswalker Theurge, Thin waiflike, purple hair, gothy.
Trevor: Bone gnawer
Gunner: Bone gnawer Ahroun
Scratch and sniff: Bone gnawer, Metis

“Sacred is today” Pack Name
“Red Feather”: Alpha Uktena, Eldest Theurge, Native american woman with red feather.
“Quiet Thunder”: Large Wendigo man, packmate of Red Feather.
Eric “First Thorn”: Ragabash Uktena
Tabitha “Water Song”: Galliard Uktena
Chen: Philodox Stargazer

Shadows of Truth: Grandfather Thunder Springfield area
Sebastian Bonaventure “Hurts doesnt it “: Alpha Elder Philodox Adren Shadowlord
Reginald “ “: Fostern Ragabash Silver fang Pure breed 5. Joes wrestling coach
Francine “Black Hammer”: Cliath Black Fury, Ahroun,

More discussion of Tribes. Visit to Umbra w/ Red Feather (Uktena Eldest Theurge).


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