Werewolf: Polar Precepts

The Story of Nevermore (session 8)

By Gerald Burns

OOG we built our totem. Erica’s (not in attendance) character does recon. Discovers that the rogue vamps spend time at a rave club in industrial district, a biker bar, junkyard, and a water treatment plant. I’m also given an invitation to dinner with a contact to receive my next target. We decide to get recon on the junkyard. Janet begins hacking. Jen begins communing with her ancestors. We gain some info on vampire tendencies and ways to kill them.

We see a tow truck and a van enter the compound. Jess smells adrenalin blood pee and feces. We decide to assault the place. Joe, Jess and Janet head for the front. Jen and I head for the back. Joe slices the gate then shoulder checks the back of the van. One of the Vamps gets out of the front of the van and shoots Joe for no damage. Jess pulls one vamp out of the van and bites its throat out. Joe gets clawed by a Vamp from the roof of the van. That vamp is fast and barely dodges Joes next strike. Another vamp on the roof tries to claw janet. Janet (still in homid) shoots van roof vamp in the face. Jen tries to pull one of the tow truck vamps out the passenger side of the tow truck and comes away with only shirt and seat belt. The driver side of the tow truck hits me HARD with a crowbar. I take it and try to stab into him but his hide is extremely thick plus he’s wearing a ballistic vest. Jess finishes her vamp. Joe continues having issues with his opponent. Janet drops her opponent and shoots the crowbar out of my opponent’s hand. I unsuccessfully stab that vamp again then he clocks me and I drop unconscious. Jess seeing this dives into my opponent, practically bounces off but draws his attention off of me. Janet shoots him as well but it did little. Jess then takes a solid hit from my former opponent. Joe continues to struggle but both Joe and his opponent land extreme severe wounds on each other. Jen pulls me away from the brute and Jess. Janet blows Joe’s opponents head off. Joe attempts to throw his claive at the brute and hits him for little to no damage. Joe then starts to charge him but that vamp avoids and speeds out of the yard faster than we can follow.

Jen heals Joe and I. Janet goes inside the building to deal with any security camera footage and to check out a room we could sense but not see via any windows. Meanwhile I check the vehicle that the vamps were going to crush and discover bags of dead infants in the trunk. I nearly frenzy. When I tell the others Joe frenzies, Jess almost does, Jen and Janet do not. I start to grapple to keep Joe from getting to the babies in the trunk. Joe tears into me Janet joins us and takes over the grapple as I pull back. Janet keeps fighting Joe while Jen partially heals me and tells us that 3 Rage Banes are arriving. White lion arrives and attacks one of the blood banes. Jess attacks the second one. White lion kills one of them and moves to the third. I join in attacking the second with Jess after being healed by Jen. Hughin heals me the remainder of my damage. I attack and my claive bites deep. Jen joins Jess and I and claws into it. It tries to gaze attack Janet to pop as it dissipates. Joe keeps frenzying on Janet but Lion protects Janet with Armor. Joe finally comes out of frenzy and we begin hearing sirens. White Lion opens us a moonbridge and we return to the sept, bringing the van with us. White lion tells us that the vamp that ran has returned to the sewer treatment plant. In total 5 down, 1 on the run.



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