Werewolf: Polar Precepts

The Story of Nevermore (Session 6B)

By Gerald Burns

After some planning and some math, we determine that we cannot make a drive or run in lupus in enough time before too much of the gnosis were carrying will bleed off. We call Suresh to discuss a transport deal. He arrives to discuss the deal, senses the amount of gnosis were carrying and agrees to take us no charge. He collects his 30 biker buddies and we go via moonbridge. 2-3 hours later we arrive at chicago’s city park parking area. Suresh tells us to stay in the van while he gets a gatekeeper. I introduce ourselves. Sept of Dark Thunder. Tyler Smith, S.L., Adren, Philo, Gatekeeper, Homid, Keeper of land, warder. We’re brought into an underground trolley station. We’re given a room for the night, dinner and changes of wardrobe if we wish it. We meet the Ritesmaster who gives Jen permission to perform talismen dedications. We go to dinner in a cafeteria style hall. No distinct hierarchy in the hall. Vanessa, Beta of Sept, Galliard, SL Fostern. We offer to assist and get sent to do dishes. We meet Singh, philodox, Stargazer, who is washing dishes. Secretly he is also Alpha of the Sept. We are ushered into Singh’s office. He asks us why we are going to MN. We state that our sept is attempting to retake a Caern. Janet offers her Silver knuckles used on Michael to anchor a questing stone. In exchange Singh and his sept are going to assist our sept in retaking that caern. We are asked to arrange for Guardian packs to protect Chicago. We arrange guardian packs from Mohegan and Boston.

I go to meet Vanessa. She arranges a forced makeover for me. I drive her to the rooftop restaurant at the top of John Hancock tower. We enter an empty restaurant past 2 pair of guards. The 2nd set was in full crinos. We are sent to a table across from 1 man and 2 women. The man is pure breed 5. The women are both PB 4. I am informed that I will have another job after my ROP. I am gifted an ebony klaive. As I leave I am introduced to the old man, Margrave Koneitzco.

Back at the sept we are forced to complete our ROP because the mission in MN is failing. 5 Spirits show up. Huin and Munin, Black unicorn, White Rhino, Hel, White Lion. Much discussion occurs and finally Huin departs Munin and perches with White Lion. White Lion’s Ban, being the former tribal totem of the White Howlers, demands that we attempt to redeem Black Spiral Dancers (former White Howlers) or kill them. We decide on the Pack name Nevermore in deference to having our Great Raven totem and that BSDs will be of the Wyrm Nevermore.
After we have chosen our totem we are immediately dispatched via moonbridge to MN. We enlist Suresh and his biker gang to get there rapidly and he gave it to us as a freebie. We arrive in MN and are immediately brought to Michael and his Pack. We are sent down into a cave and were followed by 3 BSDs in lupus form. After killing them all of our gnosis, the 50 we were given plus our own, is ripped from us and it’s directed into the Caern heart/Burial Barrow. This awakens the Caern Totem, in the form of a Norse Fire Giant. This Fire Giant helped fully take back the Caern.



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