Werewolf: Polar Precepts

The Story of Nevermore (session 6a)

By Gerald Burns

We’ve been here for 3 weeks. About a week ago we were moved to the opposite side of the sept as visitors were coming. We awaken and 3” of snow has occurred. We discover tracks in snow from guardian pack controls. There is a howl of gathering and we respond that we are eager to learn and assist if needed. We arrive at the large Sept tent we havent seen the inside of. There is a new pack of 7 Black furies. 3 members are related Yayi (pure breed 4) Grandmother, Helena (Pure breed 4) Mother and Mari Cabrah Cliath (Pure breed 3) Daughter, a young Cub (Jess) and 4 topless amazon guards.

Sept Alpha, Seven Heads on the Pole (formerly Sitting Crow): Elder Theurge of Uktena. Old native man 5’3” comes in with ancient Jeans and tshirt, Necklaces bracelets and ancient headdress C 1700. Pure breed 5.

After a large discussion of sept business we are asked to remain. Joe delivers the spear. We are told that Trish’s character is not ready to continue (She has dropped out of game.) We are given the option of 1. Wait a year and continue. 2. Go on our ROP and she will join us in a year. Or 3. We take on another cub Miranda (Jessica Dressaliers) who has been trained but who has no current pack.

Seven heads has been alpha for 15 years. Jen asks a ton of theurge questions. After we leave the tent we see 3 of Seven heads packmates hanging from hooks from their back skin. They were hung because they almost frenzied. We then head to the food tent. We intro Amy to Miranda. Jen learns the rites of Cleansing, Attrition, and Talismen Dedication by sharing the secret of Michael’s identity with Seven heads.

We attend the moot. There is no breaking of the bone.

The Revels involve the destruction of a pit about 25 miles from the Sept. Our mission is to locate and destroy four doglike creatures that are defending the Pit. They have a green Ichorlike glow. We are to take their heads put them on the spear that we delivered. We’ll be bringing that to the Alpha who will add more and then use it to destroy the great bane at the bottom of the pit.

2 dogs go down fairly easily. 3rd dog breathes balefire on us but also went down. I’m heavily injured in this fight. 4th dog was in the midst of the grand melee with the rest of the sept. It flows up into the previous chamber. Janet covers me as it flows up. Jen pours the pure water into the pool of the 4th dog and it slowly retreated from the pure water. Joe slips his claive through the water and then strikes the ichor and it solidifies and flies off. This starts the pool solidifying and we slowly take down the 4th dog. Janet scythed the pool with the spear and Erica committed the killing blow from behind. We collect the heads and head for the big battle. I howl to try to locate the alpha. He says to head to the pit. There is no path down. Joe, janet and Jess jump down. Jen stops me from jumping. Erica also waits.

The three who jumped down see visions of wisdom. The three who remained saw visions of glory.

At the bottom of the pit is 7 heads and white bear in a ritual circle. White bear takes 2 more heads, a garou and a humanish head. Then he beheads 7 heads and places his head on the spear. 7 heads thanks Joe as he dies. White bear then stabs the spear into the ground and a gigantic lightning bolt strikes through the ceiling and into the spear. We go unconcious.

We awaken in a plain teepee. I am mostly healed up. The three who jumped are on one side. The three who stayed are on the other. Above each of the theurge are eagle sised ravens. Hu-in and Mu-in, the ravens of Odin Allfather. They wish us to choose them as our pack totems so we may root out the taint in the garou nation. These are not aspects of a larger totem. These are THE TOTEMS. They are the result of an ancient alliance of Uktena and Get. There is a story there that I need to track down. We decide that we are not ready to decide yet and we exit the tent.

We travel to the main tent. White Bear is inside and walks over. “We have reclaimed that place. Your pack has gone above and beyond. We have sent for the box from the Sept Where Everyone Knows Your Name in Boston. That trip is no longer necessary. I have 2 other items for Joe and Janet that I need to give you before you depart. Minnesota is your next stop.”

Janet is given the spear. We are also then given 15 temp gnosis EACH that is needed in minnesota.90 gnosis total that needs to get to minnesota. We have Lune based GPS. We prep to leave in the morning.



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