Miranda Perry


Miranda Perry is a pretty girl ­ nice skin, blue eyes and long light brown hair , and a smart girl that likes science ­ aspiring physics and electrical engineering major. She plays soccer after school and is a good student who is of fairly average popularity. She seemed like a normal New England girl from Boston ­ loved sports, Fenway, nights on the beach with a few friends.
Outside the home, her parents are loving church­-going devout christians that love Miranda and her older brother, Jason, dearly. They are super polite to everyone outside the home and never speak of too many personal matters. All conversations are about Bible passages, work, how well their children do and how sweet their son’s girlfriend is.
At home is a little different… the Bible is law and Miranda’s lack of conformity to gender roles and sexuality were a big target of verbal abuse from her parents and ridicule from her brainwashed brother. She wore women’s form­-flattering jeans, but paired with many plaid button down shirts that while feminine weren’t enough or t­-shirts that suggested she had cleavage or unchristian images. She always wore sneakers but never dress shoes and hardly dresses themselves. She refused skirts. Miranda’s Bruins cap was “embarrassing” and her lack of hair styling and makeup skills were “appalling”. Miranda’s parents also were displeased with her choice of major ­ why not medical for nursing or education for teaching? Engineering was a men’s science along with mathematics. She was agnostic and hardly participated in church ­ she knows something was watching over her and could feel it but couldn’t say what or who. And the worst sin of Miranda’s life choices – she dated girls. So they never ever talked about her significant others publicly or just say “she’s saving herself for the right man.”
Miranda had been single now since her last girlfriend graduated and moved out for college cross states. And it was senior year and she was currently looking at colleges for a program for Electrical Engineering. She went out applications to all over and hoped for something out of state for very good reason. And she took time to go visit some of the schools if they were in driving distance to get some air from the stifling company of home. Now she’s en route to UCONN for an orientation visit.

After her change, Miranda trained briefly with the Garou of the sept near Mohegan Sun. The primary training she received was by a Red Talon Lupus named Running Deer and some combat training with a Wendigo Homid named White Bear. The training with Running Deer was definitely much more geared towards the Lupus aspects of Garou but she picked up well. And the fighting with White Bear was brutal but she refused to give up… her heart has a scar to prove it. Above all, she learned how to firmly respect the litany and about pack order. Another party arrived from the Black Furies tribe to introduce themselves and let Miranda know about her lineage with their tribe and offered some wisdom on the tribes; and then they got her to relieve some of her stress from this new life. Miranda found a complacency she didn’t get from her old life. She seemed to find the need for a family and pack with how she seemed to take to this life as a Garou. The spiritual rites felt right and seemed to be what she was looking for in those books after school all this time.

Despite being Homid, Miranda tends to often shift into Lupus seeming to be comfortable with this form after everything she went through in CT. It took her now packmates to explain why she needed to be Homid in most social situations as well as something else that’s important in those situation – Rites of Dedication. Miranda had the embarrassing moment of shifting and using her muzzle and paws to put her clothes in her satchel before going on patrol.

Miranda tends to be more reactive and tries to observe and learn before acting if she can help it. Some things she can’t help her instincts after training with the Red Talon – especially the need to have a strictly carnivorous diet – but overall keeps her impulses in check. She is of few words and only really speaks when she feels it’s important and she’s given the topic some thought. Otherwise it will mostly be when she is spoken to as for her actions will speak louder than words.

In her new pack, Nevermore, she tries to uphold her believes of how to respect her pack, and other pack territories.

Miranda Perry

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