Werewolf: Polar Precepts

The Story of Nevermore (Session 9)

By Gerald Burns

Session 9: 8-7-16 (same night)
We shower and cleanse in a sept side shower room. Erica lets us know that the babys that comprised the banes were from possible underground abortion clinics. I call Vanessa and arrange the business dinner. We report to our respective sept elders. I get only a name and picture on my target. I discuss making more connections with the Kin. Next moot is this coming friday (plot distance). We meet Todd. Erica performs pregnant recon and discovers that there are 3 underground abortion clinics all owned by Hawk LLC owned by local anarch vampires. They were buildings were purchased right after the war. One of them is holding 40 women. We discuss with the sept alpha. We speculate that the babies are being used to feed vampire recruits coming in by the rail system. We speculate that this may be an attempt to restart the Vamp/garou war. The junkyard is the site of 1 major battle and several smaller skirmishes. The sept alpha’s pack perished there. Many of the engines from the cairn heart came from that junkyard. There are 2 factions of Vamps in the city, the ones in glass towers and those on the streets. The ones in the glass towers were in the area well before the european Garou arrived. The Glass tower vamps have a truce with the Garou. I reach out to Vanessa to see if she can assist. Shes going to do the research herself. She mentions no price.

Jen sets me a task in exchange for lessons from the Alpha on meditation, and assistance with my gnosis. My stipulations: Get a story of the sept, preferably of the ritesmaster Theresa, but not from her. If it involves Theresa it cannot discuss fighting vampires. I cannot get this story from Vanessa nor is vanessa to be mentioned in this story. No use of contractions or words with an even number of Os. Not just double Os. (ie Throughout, hotdog, etc)

We go to investigate the junkyard. Todd and I go on perimeter walk. The others go into the center to find the car with the bodies. Erica pulls the car out and discovers a hole under it with more bodies. She sticks her head in the hole and is attacked and wounded by a bane. Jen calls Lion to assist. Janet shoots it with her assault rifle but does little. She then swaps to the bane spear and hits it. Erica grabs a can of gasoline and sprays it all over the bane. Janet starts to light it on fire. The creature sends the first row of cars off the wall crashing into us. Jess, Joe and Todd pull it furthur out of the hole and Janet kills it by firing the bane spear into its mouth. We take a trophy. Lion roars and buries the smouldering remains. After the battle as we’re preparing to depart Hunin lets us know that our quarry is on the move.



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