Werewolf: Polar Precepts

The Story of Nevermore (session 7)

By Gerald Burns

After cleaning up the BSD bodies, I challenge Joe for Alpha. Janet steps in between and counter challenges me. Claive duel to first blood. I fail by slipping into a claive pommel strike which breaks 3 ribs drawing first blood. Jen heals me. Janet and I discuss afterward. I explain that a newly formed pack alpha should not go untested. She agrees and subsequently challenges Joe. Joe requests a challenge of inspiration which Joe wins handily. We continue the revel for the remainder of the evening. We have a pack discussion and decide that were going to wait for the blizzard to clear and then travel back to chicago to collect the truck. Erica and Jen rent a suv from minneapolis and then we head to Chicago. We visit the Sept of Dark Thunder. I check in with Vanessa. My mission is not yet determined. We stay for breakfast. We assist Alpha Singh in cleanup and offering our services for long haul. He says he’ll speak with Vanessa and see if there is anything that is within our ability. Jen and Jess go to meet with the Ritesmaster. In the basement they meet an african american Rosie the riveter. This is CityMother, one of the 2 Caern Totems. She then calls for Henry, who is the incarnation of City Father. They finally get introduced to the Ritesmaster, Theresa St Croix, Fostern, Shadowlord, Theurge. Jen and Jess offer themselves and the pack for 30 days to both City Mother and City Father respectively in exchange for learning some low level rites. Jen learns rite of the questing stone. Jess learns the rite of binding.
At Dinner Singh brings us a mission to hunt 6-ish rogue vampires that have killed 2 bone gnawer kin and hunted 4 others. Their sept has been instructed by Margrave Konietzko not to intervene. We are not of this sept, we can intervene. Singh and Vanessa direct us to two of the surviving kin to learn what we can.



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