Werewolf: Polar Precepts

The Story of Nevermore (Session 5)

By Gerald Burns

En route to Mohegan sun, we are quickly pursued by 30 motorcycles. After a decent chase we are surrounded by 15 bikes that surround us. Half of the pack breaks off and the “arrow” that surrounded us bear off the next exit. We are stopped at a small motel. We meet Suresh al Haram a silent strider. He states that he’s gathering all able bodies to defend an imminent attack on a Caern in NYC. After some discussion (I’m against the decision) we agree to join him. We travel behind his fetish motorcycle into a moonbridge, bounce through Mohegan sun, and we arrive on the 3rd floor of a parking garage adjoining Central Park. Joe is told to get a slushy at 7-11 and meet a bag lady contact (later revealed to be Mother Larrissa) whom we’re supposed to follow. We run into a full on war camp. Garou in all forms, kinfolk squads. We run into Ayowyn. She informs us that we’re going to be in support positions. She gives Jen a healing talen. Fenji arrives to give marching orders. We’re to defend a church filled with kinfolk. There should not be any attack on it. Only Fenji, Mother Larrisa, and/Or Ayowyn will be coming to relieve us. Anyone else should be shot or killed onsight. We are assigned Sonja, to assist with long range attack. She claims she’s not Garou or Kinfolk. Jen arranges best placement of the kin inside to protect them. Janet and Sonja head up to the roof. Joe and I station ourselves at the only door. We lower the oaken bar and Jen notices a ward raise.

Janet on GW.net starts reading up on chatter. Temp drops. Mist rolls in. 3am we begin hearing gunfire. 330 we see crowds running out of buildings from things unseen. Creatures are moving at high speeds and pulling bystanders into the alleys. I suddenly wonder if there are any anti-intrusion measures in Sonjas bag. I go up to the roof and grab some out of the bag. A wave of shovelheads climbs the building. We start to head down and Sonja realizes that I left the bag of explosives and ammo up on the roof. We head back up to collect it. Janet gets to it and throws it back to us then goes into rage and starts eviscerating the ones that had reached the roof. I come up and start fighting alongside her to keep her safe. Joe kills several that were coming over the side while trying to get us to retreat. We fight until Janet comes out of rage and we all head down the hole. The swarms of shovelheads swarm but are not able to breach the main door or the hatch cover. Morning comes and the shovelheads run off. Mother Larissa comes and the kinfolk leave the church. We are given our token from the Sept of the Green, a nike shoebox.
Janet has a long heart to heart with Mother Larissa on how to deal with the regret Janet has from not being able to save others who were taken out. We head back to the truck and are met by Sonja. She offers me an opportunity to correct an issue in exchange for losing the bag. The Job was to eliminate a child molester/black marketeer/human trafficker. Turns out its Dad. We go to an arranged appointment at a massage parlor outside of Hanscom AFB. She leads me to a room with someone who is supposed to be dad face down on the table. I lift this person by the hair and push them against the wall and put a knife to their throat. Turns out its not Dad. I stop myself before I kill him. This was a Shadowlord test. Turns out Dad is tied on the john with his penis cut off. I let him see my face and slit his throat. This time its not with emotion. Its a job. The test is designed to steer me away from Get of Fenris and back to Shadowlord.

In the car Jen asks Sonja again what she is and via ancestors that Sonja is a Sowara Bastett. We sit in awkward silence until we drop Sonja off in worcester. We then head to Mohegan sun.

At Mohegan Sun we visit the museum and wait to be met. We are met by Running Deer, Gate Keeper, who welcomes us and brings us into the sept. We are led to a huge teepe. We explain we’re to deliver the fetish spear to Sept Alpha Sitting Crow. Sitting Crow is on a quest and is here but not here. We wander about the sept in wolf form. We meet Broken Twig a young kinfolk. We have a demonstration tomahawk skills to Hannah. We meet White Bear, Sept Beta, Homid Adren of Wendigo with pure breed. Some thinly veiled insults aimed at Joe adds some tension. (Break due to time)



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