Werewolf: Polar Precepts

The Story of Nevermore (session 4)

By Gerald Burns

Get to Bruce’s Cabin and meet Christine who is night shift kinfolk. Shows us the cabin then leaves. I sleep outside. At 6am Christine returns to start doing chores. We call the Chancellor’s number get put on hold repeatedly. Finally get an appointment. An address is delivered by the day kinfolk, Derrick.

We meet with The Chancellor (Gatekeeper) of the North country protectorate, Montcliffe, Adren Silverfang, Homid Philodox, First speaker to the king, House Morningkill, Lodge of the sun.

We are welcome for the next 5 days. We assist in cleaning the large communal fire. At sunset the kinfolk begin setting up for a party. Then the packs start arriving. Lowest to highest. 2 Guardian packs, 1 Warder pack (includes 1 Shadowlord beta), 1 mid range pack , 1 beta pack, 1 alpha pack led by Jacob Morningkill. All other Garou are Silverfang.

It is acknowledged that we, as cubs, are to be given some leniency to ask questions, but we are going to be tested and shown to be worthy of Sept, the silverfang, and the King. (this is unusual)

At the Breaking of the Bone, the Shadowlord states that he has an issue with that last caveat. Apparently his packmate (whom hates Joe) states that Joe should not be considered as Cliath or even Garou, due to his illegitimate elder Brother (IE JOE!!!) who is oH YA, GRANDSON TO THE FUCKING KING!!! This silverfang pipes up and says he wants the problem dealt with now. The King releases the penalties of challenge. The younger brother challenges joe to a challenge. The king determines that the challenge is Homid only, no gifts, no weapons, skills only. First to unconsciousness or completely out of the circle. Joe succeeds in overpowering the younger brother, at the cost of an eye. At the end of the fight Joe’s Family claive is handed to him. We pack his eye socket and return to the amphitheater. That concludes the Breaking of the bone. Then begins tales and songs. Then comes revelry.

The chancellor comes up to us. We ask questions about why the challenge happened. Joes Brother is Richard Morningkill Adren, Homid, Ragabash. Richard is the second in line to their specific family. Joe is apparently the firstborn of their specific line. Richard has had an easier time, raised in the protectorate, entitled, and given cushier assignments. He has been forced to carry his family claive in battle but unable to wield it, which is a loss of renown. Supposedly he lost a packmate due to not being able to wield it.
Michael our denparent is Joe’s uncle.

We are given more training over the next 3 days. On the 5th day we are given our token, a teak wood box with the symbols for Uktena, Get of Fenris, and Child of Gaia sealed in wax. Our next destination is Mohegan Sun. We are given rudimentary contact information and we move on.



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