Werewolf: Polar Precepts

The Story of Nevermore (session 3)

By Gerald Burns

Session 3: 11-1-15

Pack: Heimdall’s Sword
Sigard Karlsburg – ATHRO – Get of Fenris Ahroun Alpha
(Redfeather’s Daughter) Uktena Ragabash
Llywind Zepher Get of Fenris Theurge

Sig demands that Michael/“Alexander”, Sebastian, Redfeather, and Hans reform their pack. Sebastian becomes alpha and Michael is beta.

Our Rite of Passage: Go to North country protectorate. Join our tribes. Token of Pack will be given if we have been trained properly. After we have gained that item we’ll be given our next location and task. Gather 3 more items in three other locations. Final destination is in Minnesota.

Summer’s Pack performs Rite of Dedications for us. Backpacks are dedicated. We receive a task from Summer: Deliver package to Sitting Crow of Mohegan Sun.



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