Werewolf: Polar Precepts

The Story of Nevermore (Session 2)

By Gerald Burns

(edited on 8-7-16)
Our first Hunt with Chen (Stargazer).
Michael leaves us to fend for ourselves for 3 weeks. Michael shot Joe with silver. I succeed in removing the bullet frags. We survive until previous cub pack arrives to set up for Thing/Moot

Pack: Friends close, Enemies closer Totem Northern Black Widow
Alicia- Silverfang Ahroun Cliath, Pure breed 5 Appearance 5
Deitrich- 14y/o Get of Fenris Ragabash Appearance 5
Summer- Wendigo Theurge Appearance 5
Latisha- Glasswalker Ahroun Appearance 5
Brucie – Bone gnawer philodox Appearance 5
Leelah- Black Fury Philodox Appearance 5

Moot happens. Erica is The Fool. I told a story of our 3 weeks of survival to modest attention. Learn about Michaels history and his Rite of Renunciation. (8-7-16 edit) Janet takes the bullet fragments that I removed from Joe’s shoulder and turns them into a set of brassknuckles. She punches Michael and frenzies. He uses the gift Roll over to end her frenzy.



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