Werewolf: Polar Precepts

The Story of Nevermore (Session 9)
By Gerald Burns

Session 9: 8-7-16 (same night)
We shower and cleanse in a sept side shower room. Erica lets us know that the babys that comprised the banes were from possible underground abortion clinics. I call Vanessa and arrange the business dinner. We report to our respective sept elders. I get only a name and picture on my target. I discuss making more connections with the Kin. Next moot is this coming friday (plot distance). We meet Todd. Erica performs pregnant recon and discovers that there are 3 underground abortion clinics all owned by Hawk LLC owned by local anarch vampires. They were buildings were purchased right after the war. One of them is holding 40 women. We discuss with the sept alpha. We speculate that the babies are being used to feed vampire recruits coming in by the rail system. We speculate that this may be an attempt to restart the Vamp/garou war. The junkyard is the site of 1 major battle and several smaller skirmishes. The sept alpha’s pack perished there. Many of the engines from the cairn heart came from that junkyard. There are 2 factions of Vamps in the city, the ones in glass towers and those on the streets. The ones in the glass towers were in the area well before the european Garou arrived. The Glass tower vamps have a truce with the Garou. I reach out to Vanessa to see if she can assist. Shes going to do the research herself. She mentions no price.

Jen sets me a task in exchange for lessons from the Alpha on meditation, and assistance with my gnosis. My stipulations: Get a story of the sept, preferably of the ritesmaster Theresa, but not from her. If it involves Theresa it cannot discuss fighting vampires. I cannot get this story from Vanessa nor is vanessa to be mentioned in this story. No use of contractions or words with an even number of Os. Not just double Os. (ie Throughout, hotdog, etc)

We go to investigate the junkyard. Todd and I go on perimeter walk. The others go into the center to find the car with the bodies. Erica pulls the car out and discovers a hole under it with more bodies. She sticks her head in the hole and is attacked and wounded by a bane. Jen calls Lion to assist. Janet shoots it with her assault rifle but does little. She then swaps to the bane spear and hits it. Erica grabs a can of gasoline and sprays it all over the bane. Janet starts to light it on fire. The creature sends the first row of cars off the wall crashing into us. Jess, Joe and Todd pull it furthur out of the hole and Janet kills it by firing the bane spear into its mouth. We take a trophy. Lion roars and buries the smouldering remains. After the battle as we’re preparing to depart Hunin lets us know that our quarry is on the move.

The Story of Nevermore (session 8)
By Gerald Burns

OOG we built our totem. Erica’s (not in attendance) character does recon. Discovers that the rogue vamps spend time at a rave club in industrial district, a biker bar, junkyard, and a water treatment plant. I’m also given an invitation to dinner with a contact to receive my next target. We decide to get recon on the junkyard. Janet begins hacking. Jen begins communing with her ancestors. We gain some info on vampire tendencies and ways to kill them.

We see a tow truck and a van enter the compound. Jess smells adrenalin blood pee and feces. We decide to assault the place. Joe, Jess and Janet head for the front. Jen and I head for the back. Joe slices the gate then shoulder checks the back of the van. One of the Vamps gets out of the front of the van and shoots Joe for no damage. Jess pulls one vamp out of the van and bites its throat out. Joe gets clawed by a Vamp from the roof of the van. That vamp is fast and barely dodges Joes next strike. Another vamp on the roof tries to claw janet. Janet (still in homid) shoots van roof vamp in the face. Jen tries to pull one of the tow truck vamps out the passenger side of the tow truck and comes away with only shirt and seat belt. The driver side of the tow truck hits me HARD with a crowbar. I take it and try to stab into him but his hide is extremely thick plus he’s wearing a ballistic vest. Jess finishes her vamp. Joe continues having issues with his opponent. Janet drops her opponent and shoots the crowbar out of my opponent’s hand. I unsuccessfully stab that vamp again then he clocks me and I drop unconscious. Jess seeing this dives into my opponent, practically bounces off but draws his attention off of me. Janet shoots him as well but it did little. Jess then takes a solid hit from my former opponent. Joe continues to struggle but both Joe and his opponent land extreme severe wounds on each other. Jen pulls me away from the brute and Jess. Janet blows Joe’s opponents head off. Joe attempts to throw his claive at the brute and hits him for little to no damage. Joe then starts to charge him but that vamp avoids and speeds out of the yard faster than we can follow.

Jen heals Joe and I. Janet goes inside the building to deal with any security camera footage and to check out a room we could sense but not see via any windows. Meanwhile I check the vehicle that the vamps were going to crush and discover bags of dead infants in the trunk. I nearly frenzy. When I tell the others Joe frenzies, Jess almost does, Jen and Janet do not. I start to grapple to keep Joe from getting to the babies in the trunk. Joe tears into me Janet joins us and takes over the grapple as I pull back. Janet keeps fighting Joe while Jen partially heals me and tells us that 3 Rage Banes are arriving. White lion arrives and attacks one of the blood banes. Jess attacks the second one. White lion kills one of them and moves to the third. I join in attacking the second with Jess after being healed by Jen. Hughin heals me the remainder of my damage. I attack and my claive bites deep. Jen joins Jess and I and claws into it. It tries to gaze attack Janet to pop as it dissipates. Joe keeps frenzying on Janet but Lion protects Janet with Armor. Joe finally comes out of frenzy and we begin hearing sirens. White Lion opens us a moonbridge and we return to the sept, bringing the van with us. White lion tells us that the vamp that ran has returned to the sewer treatment plant. In total 5 down, 1 on the run.

The Story of Nevermore (session 7)
By Gerald Burns

After cleaning up the BSD bodies, I challenge Joe for Alpha. Janet steps in between and counter challenges me. Claive duel to first blood. I fail by slipping into a claive pommel strike which breaks 3 ribs drawing first blood. Jen heals me. Janet and I discuss afterward. I explain that a newly formed pack alpha should not go untested. She agrees and subsequently challenges Joe. Joe requests a challenge of inspiration which Joe wins handily. We continue the revel for the remainder of the evening. We have a pack discussion and decide that were going to wait for the blizzard to clear and then travel back to chicago to collect the truck. Erica and Jen rent a suv from minneapolis and then we head to Chicago. We visit the Sept of Dark Thunder. I check in with Vanessa. My mission is not yet determined. We stay for breakfast. We assist Alpha Singh in cleanup and offering our services for long haul. He says he’ll speak with Vanessa and see if there is anything that is within our ability. Jen and Jess go to meet with the Ritesmaster. In the basement they meet an african american Rosie the riveter. This is CityMother, one of the 2 Caern Totems. She then calls for Henry, who is the incarnation of City Father. They finally get introduced to the Ritesmaster, Theresa St Croix, Fostern, Shadowlord, Theurge. Jen and Jess offer themselves and the pack for 30 days to both City Mother and City Father respectively in exchange for learning some low level rites. Jen learns rite of the questing stone. Jess learns the rite of binding.
At Dinner Singh brings us a mission to hunt 6-ish rogue vampires that have killed 2 bone gnawer kin and hunted 4 others. Their sept has been instructed by Margrave Konietzko not to intervene. We are not of this sept, we can intervene. Singh and Vanessa direct us to two of the surviving kin to learn what we can.

The Story of Nevermore (Session 6B)
By Gerald Burns

After some planning and some math, we determine that we cannot make a drive or run in lupus in enough time before too much of the gnosis were carrying will bleed off. We call Suresh to discuss a transport deal. He arrives to discuss the deal, senses the amount of gnosis were carrying and agrees to take us no charge. He collects his 30 biker buddies and we go via moonbridge. 2-3 hours later we arrive at chicago’s city park parking area. Suresh tells us to stay in the van while he gets a gatekeeper. I introduce ourselves. Sept of Dark Thunder. Tyler Smith, S.L., Adren, Philo, Gatekeeper, Homid, Keeper of land, warder. We’re brought into an underground trolley station. We’re given a room for the night, dinner and changes of wardrobe if we wish it. We meet the Ritesmaster who gives Jen permission to perform talismen dedications. We go to dinner in a cafeteria style hall. No distinct hierarchy in the hall. Vanessa, Beta of Sept, Galliard, SL Fostern. We offer to assist and get sent to do dishes. We meet Singh, philodox, Stargazer, who is washing dishes. Secretly he is also Alpha of the Sept. We are ushered into Singh’s office. He asks us why we are going to MN. We state that our sept is attempting to retake a Caern. Janet offers her Silver knuckles used on Michael to anchor a questing stone. In exchange Singh and his sept are going to assist our sept in retaking that caern. We are asked to arrange for Guardian packs to protect Chicago. We arrange guardian packs from Mohegan and Boston.

I go to meet Vanessa. She arranges a forced makeover for me. I drive her to the rooftop restaurant at the top of John Hancock tower. We enter an empty restaurant past 2 pair of guards. The 2nd set was in full crinos. We are sent to a table across from 1 man and 2 women. The man is pure breed 5. The women are both PB 4. I am informed that I will have another job after my ROP. I am gifted an ebony klaive. As I leave I am introduced to the old man, Margrave Koneitzco.

Back at the sept we are forced to complete our ROP because the mission in MN is failing. 5 Spirits show up. Huin and Munin, Black unicorn, White Rhino, Hel, White Lion. Much discussion occurs and finally Huin departs Munin and perches with White Lion. White Lion’s Ban, being the former tribal totem of the White Howlers, demands that we attempt to redeem Black Spiral Dancers (former White Howlers) or kill them. We decide on the Pack name Nevermore in deference to having our Great Raven totem and that BSDs will be of the Wyrm Nevermore.
After we have chosen our totem we are immediately dispatched via moonbridge to MN. We enlist Suresh and his biker gang to get there rapidly and he gave it to us as a freebie. We arrive in MN and are immediately brought to Michael and his Pack. We are sent down into a cave and were followed by 3 BSDs in lupus form. After killing them all of our gnosis, the 50 we were given plus our own, is ripped from us and it’s directed into the Caern heart/Burial Barrow. This awakens the Caern Totem, in the form of a Norse Fire Giant. This Fire Giant helped fully take back the Caern.

The Story of Nevermore (session 6a)
By Gerald Burns

We’ve been here for 3 weeks. About a week ago we were moved to the opposite side of the sept as visitors were coming. We awaken and 3” of snow has occurred. We discover tracks in snow from guardian pack controls. There is a howl of gathering and we respond that we are eager to learn and assist if needed. We arrive at the large Sept tent we havent seen the inside of. There is a new pack of 7 Black furies. 3 members are related Yayi (pure breed 4) Grandmother, Helena (Pure breed 4) Mother and Mari Cabrah Cliath (Pure breed 3) Daughter, a young Cub (Jess) and 4 topless amazon guards.

Sept Alpha, Seven Heads on the Pole (formerly Sitting Crow): Elder Theurge of Uktena. Old native man 5’3” comes in with ancient Jeans and tshirt, Necklaces bracelets and ancient headdress C 1700. Pure breed 5.

After a large discussion of sept business we are asked to remain. Joe delivers the spear. We are told that Trish’s character is not ready to continue (She has dropped out of game.) We are given the option of 1. Wait a year and continue. 2. Go on our ROP and she will join us in a year. Or 3. We take on another cub Miranda (Jessica Dressaliers) who has been trained but who has no current pack.

Seven heads has been alpha for 15 years. Jen asks a ton of theurge questions. After we leave the tent we see 3 of Seven heads packmates hanging from hooks from their back skin. They were hung because they almost frenzied. We then head to the food tent. We intro Amy to Miranda. Jen learns the rites of Cleansing, Attrition, and Talismen Dedication by sharing the secret of Michael’s identity with Seven heads.

We attend the moot. There is no breaking of the bone.

The Revels involve the destruction of a pit about 25 miles from the Sept. Our mission is to locate and destroy four doglike creatures that are defending the Pit. They have a green Ichorlike glow. We are to take their heads put them on the spear that we delivered. We’ll be bringing that to the Alpha who will add more and then use it to destroy the great bane at the bottom of the pit.

2 dogs go down fairly easily. 3rd dog breathes balefire on us but also went down. I’m heavily injured in this fight. 4th dog was in the midst of the grand melee with the rest of the sept. It flows up into the previous chamber. Janet covers me as it flows up. Jen pours the pure water into the pool of the 4th dog and it slowly retreated from the pure water. Joe slips his claive through the water and then strikes the ichor and it solidifies and flies off. This starts the pool solidifying and we slowly take down the 4th dog. Janet scythed the pool with the spear and Erica committed the killing blow from behind. We collect the heads and head for the big battle. I howl to try to locate the alpha. He says to head to the pit. There is no path down. Joe, janet and Jess jump down. Jen stops me from jumping. Erica also waits.

The three who jumped down see visions of wisdom. The three who remained saw visions of glory.

At the bottom of the pit is 7 heads and white bear in a ritual circle. White bear takes 2 more heads, a garou and a humanish head. Then he beheads 7 heads and places his head on the spear. 7 heads thanks Joe as he dies. White bear then stabs the spear into the ground and a gigantic lightning bolt strikes through the ceiling and into the spear. We go unconcious.

We awaken in a plain teepee. I am mostly healed up. The three who jumped are on one side. The three who stayed are on the other. Above each of the theurge are eagle sised ravens. Hu-in and Mu-in, the ravens of Odin Allfather. They wish us to choose them as our pack totems so we may root out the taint in the garou nation. These are not aspects of a larger totem. These are THE TOTEMS. They are the result of an ancient alliance of Uktena and Get. There is a story there that I need to track down. We decide that we are not ready to decide yet and we exit the tent.

We travel to the main tent. White Bear is inside and walks over. “We have reclaimed that place. Your pack has gone above and beyond. We have sent for the box from the Sept Where Everyone Knows Your Name in Boston. That trip is no longer necessary. I have 2 other items for Joe and Janet that I need to give you before you depart. Minnesota is your next stop.”

Janet is given the spear. We are also then given 15 temp gnosis EACH that is needed in minnesota.90 gnosis total that needs to get to minnesota. We have Lune based GPS. We prep to leave in the morning.

The Story of Nevermore (Session 5)
By Gerald Burns

En route to Mohegan sun, we are quickly pursued by 30 motorcycles. After a decent chase we are surrounded by 15 bikes that surround us. Half of the pack breaks off and the “arrow” that surrounded us bear off the next exit. We are stopped at a small motel. We meet Suresh al Haram a silent strider. He states that he’s gathering all able bodies to defend an imminent attack on a Caern in NYC. After some discussion (I’m against the decision) we agree to join him. We travel behind his fetish motorcycle into a moonbridge, bounce through Mohegan sun, and we arrive on the 3rd floor of a parking garage adjoining Central Park. Joe is told to get a slushy at 7-11 and meet a bag lady contact (later revealed to be Mother Larrissa) whom we’re supposed to follow. We run into a full on war camp. Garou in all forms, kinfolk squads. We run into Ayowyn. She informs us that we’re going to be in support positions. She gives Jen a healing talen. Fenji arrives to give marching orders. We’re to defend a church filled with kinfolk. There should not be any attack on it. Only Fenji, Mother Larrisa, and/Or Ayowyn will be coming to relieve us. Anyone else should be shot or killed onsight. We are assigned Sonja, to assist with long range attack. She claims she’s not Garou or Kinfolk. Jen arranges best placement of the kin inside to protect them. Janet and Sonja head up to the roof. Joe and I station ourselves at the only door. We lower the oaken bar and Jen notices a ward raise.

Janet on GW.net starts reading up on chatter. Temp drops. Mist rolls in. 3am we begin hearing gunfire. 330 we see crowds running out of buildings from things unseen. Creatures are moving at high speeds and pulling bystanders into the alleys. I suddenly wonder if there are any anti-intrusion measures in Sonjas bag. I go up to the roof and grab some out of the bag. A wave of shovelheads climbs the building. We start to head down and Sonja realizes that I left the bag of explosives and ammo up on the roof. We head back up to collect it. Janet gets to it and throws it back to us then goes into rage and starts eviscerating the ones that had reached the roof. I come up and start fighting alongside her to keep her safe. Joe kills several that were coming over the side while trying to get us to retreat. We fight until Janet comes out of rage and we all head down the hole. The swarms of shovelheads swarm but are not able to breach the main door or the hatch cover. Morning comes and the shovelheads run off. Mother Larissa comes and the kinfolk leave the church. We are given our token from the Sept of the Green, a nike shoebox.
Janet has a long heart to heart with Mother Larissa on how to deal with the regret Janet has from not being able to save others who were taken out. We head back to the truck and are met by Sonja. She offers me an opportunity to correct an issue in exchange for losing the bag. The Job was to eliminate a child molester/black marketeer/human trafficker. Turns out its Dad. We go to an arranged appointment at a massage parlor outside of Hanscom AFB. She leads me to a room with someone who is supposed to be dad face down on the table. I lift this person by the hair and push them against the wall and put a knife to their throat. Turns out its not Dad. I stop myself before I kill him. This was a Shadowlord test. Turns out Dad is tied on the john with his penis cut off. I let him see my face and slit his throat. This time its not with emotion. Its a job. The test is designed to steer me away from Get of Fenris and back to Shadowlord.

In the car Jen asks Sonja again what she is and via ancestors that Sonja is a Sowara Bastett. We sit in awkward silence until we drop Sonja off in worcester. We then head to Mohegan sun.

At Mohegan Sun we visit the museum and wait to be met. We are met by Running Deer, Gate Keeper, who welcomes us and brings us into the sept. We are led to a huge teepe. We explain we’re to deliver the fetish spear to Sept Alpha Sitting Crow. Sitting Crow is on a quest and is here but not here. We wander about the sept in wolf form. We meet Broken Twig a young kinfolk. We have a demonstration tomahawk skills to Hannah. We meet White Bear, Sept Beta, Homid Adren of Wendigo with pure breed. Some thinly veiled insults aimed at Joe adds some tension. (Break due to time)

The Story of Nevermore (session 4)
By Gerald Burns

Get to Bruce’s Cabin and meet Christine who is night shift kinfolk. Shows us the cabin then leaves. I sleep outside. At 6am Christine returns to start doing chores. We call the Chancellor’s number get put on hold repeatedly. Finally get an appointment. An address is delivered by the day kinfolk, Derrick.

We meet with The Chancellor (Gatekeeper) of the North country protectorate, Montcliffe, Adren Silverfang, Homid Philodox, First speaker to the king, House Morningkill, Lodge of the sun.

We are welcome for the next 5 days. We assist in cleaning the large communal fire. At sunset the kinfolk begin setting up for a party. Then the packs start arriving. Lowest to highest. 2 Guardian packs, 1 Warder pack (includes 1 Shadowlord beta), 1 mid range pack , 1 beta pack, 1 alpha pack led by Jacob Morningkill. All other Garou are Silverfang.

It is acknowledged that we, as cubs, are to be given some leniency to ask questions, but we are going to be tested and shown to be worthy of Sept, the silverfang, and the King. (this is unusual)

At the Breaking of the Bone, the Shadowlord states that he has an issue with that last caveat. Apparently his packmate (whom hates Joe) states that Joe should not be considered as Cliath or even Garou, due to his illegitimate elder Brother (IE JOE!!!) who is oH YA, GRANDSON TO THE FUCKING KING!!! This silverfang pipes up and says he wants the problem dealt with now. The King releases the penalties of challenge. The younger brother challenges joe to a challenge. The king determines that the challenge is Homid only, no gifts, no weapons, skills only. First to unconsciousness or completely out of the circle. Joe succeeds in overpowering the younger brother, at the cost of an eye. At the end of the fight Joe’s Family claive is handed to him. We pack his eye socket and return to the amphitheater. That concludes the Breaking of the bone. Then begins tales and songs. Then comes revelry.

The chancellor comes up to us. We ask questions about why the challenge happened. Joes Brother is Richard Morningkill Adren, Homid, Ragabash. Richard is the second in line to their specific family. Joe is apparently the firstborn of their specific line. Richard has had an easier time, raised in the protectorate, entitled, and given cushier assignments. He has been forced to carry his family claive in battle but unable to wield it, which is a loss of renown. Supposedly he lost a packmate due to not being able to wield it.
Michael our denparent is Joe’s uncle.

We are given more training over the next 3 days. On the 5th day we are given our token, a teak wood box with the symbols for Uktena, Get of Fenris, and Child of Gaia sealed in wax. Our next destination is Mohegan Sun. We are given rudimentary contact information and we move on.

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The Story of Nevermore (session 3)
By Gerald Burns

Session 3: 11-1-15

Pack: Heimdall’s Sword
Sigard Karlsburg – ATHRO – Get of Fenris Ahroun Alpha
(Redfeather’s Daughter) Uktena Ragabash
Llywind Zepher Get of Fenris Theurge

Sig demands that Michael/“Alexander”, Sebastian, Redfeather, and Hans reform their pack. Sebastian becomes alpha and Michael is beta.

Our Rite of Passage: Go to North country protectorate. Join our tribes. Token of Pack will be given if we have been trained properly. After we have gained that item we’ll be given our next location and task. Gather 3 more items in three other locations. Final destination is in Minnesota.

Summer’s Pack performs Rite of Dedications for us. Backpacks are dedicated. We receive a task from Summer: Deliver package to Sitting Crow of Mohegan Sun.

The Story of Nevermore (Session 2)
By Gerald Burns

(edited on 8-7-16)
Our first Hunt with Chen (Stargazer).
Michael leaves us to fend for ourselves for 3 weeks. Michael shot Joe with silver. I succeed in removing the bullet frags. We survive until previous cub pack arrives to set up for Thing/Moot

Pack: Friends close, Enemies closer Totem Northern Black Widow
Alicia- Silverfang Ahroun Cliath, Pure breed 5 Appearance 5
Deitrich- 14y/o Get of Fenris Ragabash Appearance 5
Summer- Wendigo Theurge Appearance 5
Latisha- Glasswalker Ahroun Appearance 5
Brucie – Bone gnawer philodox Appearance 5
Leelah- Black Fury Philodox Appearance 5

Moot happens. Erica is The Fool. I told a story of our 3 weeks of survival to modest attention. Learn about Michaels history and his Rite of Renunciation. (8-7-16 edit) Janet takes the bullet fragments that I removed from Joe’s shoulder and turns them into a set of brassknuckles. She punches Michael and frenzies. He uses the gift Roll over to end her frenzy.


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